6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park

6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park

6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park


© Jorge Barreda – Hoh Rainforest – 6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park

Today I share with you my experience on visiting Olympic National Park:


Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Olympic National Park is a sprawling canvas of diverse ecosystems, from lush rainforests and alpine peaks to rugged coastline. Having recently immersed myself in the park’s natural wonders, I’m thrilled to be your friendly guide through this outdoor paradise. Olympic National Park isn’t just a destination; it’s an invitation to explore the untamed beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where every trail leads to a new adventure.


Here are my 6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park:


How to Get to Olympic National Park

Reaching Olympic National Park is an adventure in itself. The most common entry point is via Seattle, Washington. From Seattle, it’s about a two-hour drive to the park’s main visitor center in Port Angeles. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the major gateway, and from there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle to embark on the scenic journey to Olympic National Park.



Time to Get There to Olympic National Park

The drive from Seattle to Port Angeles takes approximately 2 hours, but the actual time to reach specific destinations within the park varies. The vastness of Olympic National Park means that travel times between different regions of the park can range from a short drive to a few hours. Plan for additional time if you want to explore various ecosystems, such as the rainforests, mountains, and coastal areas.


Where to Stay in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park offers a range of accommodation options to suit various preferences. For those who prefer camping, there are numerous campgrounds scattered throughout the park, offering a chance to immerse yourself in nature. If you lean towards more comfort, consider staying in nearby towns like Port Angeles or Forks, which offer a mix of hotels, lodges, and bed and breakfasts. My advice and what I did is rent a van! You don’t wanna miss all the beautiful places that you can sleep in. You have to book your campsite, consider that too.


Cost at Olympic National Park:

Entrance fees to Olympic National Park are quite reasonable and contribute to the preservation of this natural wonder. As of my last knowledge update, the fee is around $30 per vehicle, valid for seven days. Camping fees vary based on the campground and facilities. It’s advisable to check the National Park Service website for the most current fee information.



6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park
© Jorge Barreda – Sol Duc Valley – 6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park

What to Do in Olympic National Park

Hike the Hurricane Ridge Trails: Begin your Olympic adventure with a visit to Hurricane Ridge, offering breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. Explore trails like Hurricane Hill or the Cirque Rim Trail, where wildflowers carpet the alpine meadows during the summer.

Discover the Hoh Rainforest: Step into the enchanting Hoh Rainforest, where ancient trees cloaked in moss create a magical atmosphere. The Hall of Mosses and Spruce Nature Trail offer easy walks amidst towering trees and vibrant greenery.

Explore the Sol Duc Valley: The Sol Duc Valley beckons with its hot springs, waterfalls, and scenic beauty. Hike to Sol Duc Falls or take a dip in the natural hot springs to unwind after a day of exploring.

Relax at Ruby Beach: Marvel at the rugged beauty of the Pacific coastline at Ruby Beach. Explore tide pools, watch the sunset over sea stacks, and feel the misty ocean breeze on this pristine stretch of shoreline.

La Push Beach: Yes, the same beach where the Twilight movies were filmed and it is amazing!

Visit Lake Crescent: The crystal-clear waters of Lake Crescent provide a serene backdrop for various activities. Enjoy a scenic drive along the lakeshore, embark on a kayak adventure, or simply relax by the water’s edge.

Rialto Beach: My favorite, I can’t wait to come back! A virgin beach full of dead trees. Sounds weird, but it is so magical.


6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park


Check Trail Conditions and Weather: Olympic National Park’s diverse landscapes mean that weather conditions can vary widely. Before setting out on any hike, check trail conditions and weather forecasts to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Pack Layered Clothing: The weather in Olympic National Park can be unpredictable. Pack layered clothing to accommodate temperature changes, especially if you plan to explore different elevations and ecosystems.

Respect Wildlife and Nature: Olympic National Park is home to diverse wildlife, including elk, deer, and black bears. Keep a safe distance, avoid feeding wildlife, and practice Leave No Trace principles to preserve the park’s natural beauty.

Capture the Night Sky: Olympic National Park is designated as an International Dark Sky Park, making it a prime location for stargazing. If you’re a night owl, consider capturing the brilliance of the night sky with your camera.


Here’s the official site so you can learn more about it and book tours, camping entrances, rent cars and more:



6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park
Sol Duc – 6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park – © Jorge Barreda


Olympic National Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders, where each trail unveils a new facet of the Pacific Northwest’s beauty. As your friendly guide, I encourage you to embrace the call of the wild, whether you’re wandering through ancient rainforests, scaling alpine peaks, or listening to the rhythmic waves along the coastline. Olympic National Park invites you to disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with nature’s grandeur. So, pack your sense of adventure, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let the magic of Olympic National Park become a cherished chapter in your outdoor escapades.


Thank you for reading my 6 tips on how to visit Olympic National Park.


Jorge Barreda


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