Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to my Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark


Greetings! Brace yourself for an immersive journey into the heart of Scandinavian allure as we explore the enchanting city of Copenhagen. This is also my new home, so I’m here to unveil the best tips, hidden gems, and practical advice to make your visit to the Danish capital an unforgettable experience.


Here is Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark


How to Get to Copenhagen

Copenhagen, with its efficient transport links, is easily accessible for global wanderers. Copenhagen Airport (CPH) serves as a major international hub, offering direct flights from various cities worldwide. The airport is well-connected to the city center by train, making your arrival smooth and stress-free.

ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen
© Jorge Barreda – Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark


Best Season to Visit Copenhagen

Choosing the right season to explore Copenhagen depends on your preferences. Summer, from June to August, bathes the city in long daylight hours, allowing you to savor outdoor activities, street festivals, and the vibrant atmosphere. Spring and early fall offer pleasant weather with fewer crowds, making it an ideal time for leisurely strolls and cultural exploration.


10 Places to Visit in Copenhagen


  1. Tivoli Gardens
    • Highlights: Oldest amusement park in the world, enchanting rides, and lively entertainment.
    • Tip: Visit during the evening to witness the park’s magical lights.
    • You can buy your tickets here
  2. Nyhavn
    • Highlights: Iconic harbor, colorful buildings, canal cruises.
    • Tip: Explore the vibrant restaurants and cafes along the canal.
  3. The Little Mermaid
    • Highlights: Iconic statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.
    • Tip: Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy a peaceful view.
  4. Rosenborg Castle
    • Highlights: Renaissance-style castle, Danish crown jewels.
    • Tip: Immerse yourself in Danish history while exploring the beautiful gardens.
  5. Rent your boat
    • Highlights: Have fun with your friends an rent a boat to visit the most beautiful canals.
    • Tip: Try this company, they are the best: FriendShips
  6. Christiansborg Palace
    • Highlights: Seat of the Danish Parliament, stunning tower with panoramic views.
    • Tip: Climb the tower for a breathtaking cityscape.
  7. The Round Tower (Rundetaarn)
    • Highlights: Europe’s oldest functioning observatory, panoramic views.
    • Tip: Attend a concert or exhibition in this historical space.
  8. Nyhavn Canal Cruise
    • Highlights: Guided boat tour along the picturesque canals.
    • Tip: Gain a unique perspective of Copenhagen’s landmarks from the water.
  9. Copenhagen Opera House
    • Highlights: Modern architectural marvel, waterfront location.
    • Tip: Catch a performance or simply admire the building’s design.
  10. The Glyptoteket
    • Highlights: Art museum with an impressive collection, stunning Winter Garden.
    • Tip: Take a leisurely stroll through the serene Winter Garden.

Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to Sleep

  1. Hotels
    • Nimb Hotel: Located in Tivoli Gardens, Nimb Hotel is known for its luxurious rooms and excellent service. It’s a five-star hotel with a unique and elegant design.
    • Hotel d’Angleterre: Situated on Kongens Nytorv, Hotel d’Angleterre is a historic and opulent hotel, offering a luxurious stay with high-end amenities.
    • Radisson Collection Royal Hotel Copenhagen: Designed by renowned architect Arne Jacobsen, this hotel is known for its modernist style and is centrally located. It’s a five-star hotel with comfortable rooms and a stylish design.
    • 71 Nyhavn Hotel: This hotel is located in the picturesque Nyhavn district and offers a charming atmosphere with its historic buildings and waterfront views. It’s a four-star hotel with a unique and cozy ambiance.
    • Andersen Boutique Hotel: Situated in the Vesterbro district, this boutique hotel is known for its modern design and vibrant atmosphere. It offers a comfortable stay with a touch of Danish design.
  2. Airbnb and Boutique Accommodations
    • Experience Copenhagen like a local by opting for an Airbnb in residential neighborhoods. Boutique hotels offer a charming and personalized stay.
Dyrehaven, Copenhagen.
© Jorge Barreda – Dyrehaven, Copenhagen.


Restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for its vibrant culinary scene, with a wide range of restaurants offering diverse and innovative cuisine. This is the most awarded city in terms of Michelin stars.


  1. Noma: Renowned worldwide and frequently ranked as one of the best restaurants globally, Noma, led by chef René Redzepi, is famous for its avant-garde Nordic cuisine. The restaurant often emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients.
  2. Geranium: Another Michelin-starred restaurant, Geranium, offers a modern, Nordic-inspired dining experience. Located on the eighth floor with panoramic views of Copenhagen, it’s known for its creative dishes and attention to detail.
  3. Relæ: A Michelin-starred restaurant with a focus on organic and biodynamic ingredients, Relæ is known for its minimalist and innovative approach to New Nordic cuisine. It has a casual and welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Kadeau: Located on the island of Bornholm, Kadeau focuses on local and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant has earned Michelin stars and is known for its dedication to the terroir of Bornholm.
  5. Schønnemann: If you’re interested in traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches known as smørrebrød, Schønnemann is a classic choice. It’s one of the oldest and most famous places for smørrebrød in Copenhagen.
  6. Amass: A restaurant with a commitment to sustainability, Amass serves modern cuisine with a focus on locally sourced and foraged ingredients. It has gained acclaim for its innovative dishes.
  7. Kiin Kiin: For a unique dining experience, Kiin Kiin offers Michelin-starred Thai cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant combines traditional Thai flavors with a contemporary presentation.


Best Tips for a Smooth Stay

  1. Copenhagen Card
    • Consider purchasing a Copenhagen Card for unlimited access to public transportation and free admission to many museums and attractions.
  2. Cashless Transactions
    • Denmark is a largely cashless society, so ensure you have a credit card for most transactions.
  3. Biking Etiquette:
    • If cycling, be aware of local biking etiquette, stay in dedicated bike lanes, and follow traffic rules.
  4. Hygge Experience
    • Embrace the Danish concept of “Hygge” by indulging in cozy cafes, leisurely strolls, and enjoying moments of comfort and contentment.
Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark
Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark – © Jorge Barreda


Copenhagen, with its blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy, is a destination that invites exploration with open arms. As your friendly blogger, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the city’s cultural tapestry, savor culinary delights, and discover the warmth of Danish hospitality. Whether you’re strolling along the canals of Nyhavn or marveling at historic castles, Copenhagen promises a memorable experience that lingers in your heart. So, pack your curiosity, set out on the cobblestone streets, and let Copenhagen unfold its Nordic enchantment for you. Happy travels, fellow adventurer!


Thank you for reading my Ultimate guide to visit Copenhagen, Denmark


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